The Cabinet

I have a cabinet. Now and again I open its doors. Inside there resides a collection of miniatures.(Miniature people, monsters, transport vehicles, stones, animals, shells, buildings are just a few examples) I have collected them for years. Found accidentally on trips to somewhere else. Tiny objects that I used to keep well organised in groups but over time have been neglected. They have lost their balance and are all mixed up: babies lie with monsters, animals have fallen on people, the natural world in a heap. I rummage through my collection allowing myself to be drawn to one or another character. In the safety of the photographic frame the darker nature of our relationships are exposed. The photograph is not a record of this process, it is part of it. It acts as a mirror reflecting back the hidden parts of oneself allowing the unconscious inner world to surface. The miniature collection replicates ‘the world’, the physical, natural, fantastical and spiritual. Like the Cabinet of Curiosities, collected to represent and study the wider world my cabinet is an attempt to research and study the inner world.